The Aftershock Awakening
Lives Changed . . . Fortunes Found . . . and Destinies Rewritten . . .
The Time Has Arrived for You to Experience . . .
The Aftershock Awakening
Today You'll Be Sent a Powerful Package That Will Put You
in Complete Control of Your Future and Financial Security!

Dear Friend,

You just witnessed average Americans step forward to tell you, in their own words, incredible stories of how their lives were dramatically transformed once they experienced an "Aftershock Awakening."

Some achieved great wealth. Others were able to rise up and overcome the seemingly insurmountable financial losses they had sustained.

And many discovered that a comfortable retirement was no longer an impossible dream . . . but now an amazing reality.

The common thread that connects their stories is they all found the freedom that comes from knowing their futures are finally secure.

You Can Be the Next Success Story . . .
You Can Experience an Aftershock Awakening!

I have once again teamed up with Newsmax.

We are going to continue to push this grassroots movement forward. We're going to continue to change lives and financial destinies.

We're going to help you experience an Aftershock Awakening.

Which is why we're going to send you something that is unlike anything you've seen before.

The Aftershock Awakening Roadmap Is About Empowerment
“Lit the fire under me to make some serious changes and try to prepare for the future.” — Scott L.
“You gave me more power in how to handle my money and prepare for the future.” — Judianne P.
“Knowledge is power . . . a power that I now have.” — Liz B.
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Your Aftershock Awakening Begins . . .
With a Copy of the Just-Released Book: The Aftershock Investor

Our new book The Aftershock Investor is riveting, eye-opening, and a must read for everyone.

Its simple-to-follow guidance, clear explanations, vivid charts, and personal stories will give you a unique viewpoint on investments stamped with the "Aftershock-Safe" Seal of Approval including:

  • Gold and precious metals.
  • Commodities like food and energy.
  • Foreign currencies.
  • Inflation-proof bond funds.
  • Lucrative and safe blue-chip dividend stocks.

And if you are a "do-it-yourself" investor, I will share with you my cutting-edge — yet easy-to-implement — shortcuts for identifying the right time to buy the right investments.

Plus, I'll reveal remarkable strategies for managing your personal finances, strengthening your retirement accounts, eliminating debt, boosting your savings, and identifying which life insurance policy is right for you.

The Aftershock Investor Book Is About Taking Control
“Provided us the motivation and a guide for comfortably taking charge of all of our finances, investments, retirement accounts, emergency funds, precious metal coins, home plans, retirement finances, life and health insurance.” — Terrill M.
“A clear roadmap to thrive in these times.” — Chad J.
“I immediately took control of our investments.” — Don A.
“My wife and I have taken steps to protect our net worth and profit . . . we are just starting to feel sure that we can come through the next several years with excellent financial results.” — Sean M.
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Aftershock Awakening Phase I
Report: Conquer the Markets as an Aftershock Investor

Becoming an Aftershock Investor is about turning the tables on inflation and a dying dollar. It's a new mindset.

And you're about to receive a precise plan for putting it into action.

Because in this lucrative companion report, my team and I will identify the specific "Aftershock Safe" investments to target including:

  • Aftershock Awakening Phase IThe top three gold coins, plus a gold ETF with 250% profit potential.
  • Three precious-metal mining stocks that I believe will deliver at least a 175% windfall opportunity . . . each.
  • Agriculture and energy funds that are uniquely positioned to double your money quickly.
  • A powerful currency investment that's diversified across 10 countries and may be on the cusp of a 75% surge in value.
  • An inflation-proof, short-term bond fund that could soar 118%.
  • Three "Blue Chip Dividend Superstars" that could reward you with aggressive income and a 187% portfolio boost.
  • Plus, much more.

With each investment, you'll be given the in-depth research, the profit potential, and the risks involved so you can make informed decisions.

Phase I Is About Enrichment
“I made 3 times my money.” — Dave D.
“I’m over $200,000 ahead.” — Thomas H.
“I’ve made over $500,000 to date.” — Michael D.
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Aftershock Awakening Phase II
Video Series: The Aftershock Investor Blueprint

Aftershock Awakening Phase IIRecently, we developed a groundbreaking, 21st century method for turning every $1,000 you invest into more than $6,000 . . .

Every $10,000 into potentially more than $60,000 . . .

It's something you have to see to believe.

So to open your eyes to this incredible breakthrough, we have recorded a 7-part video series called Aftershock Awakening Phase II .

It's a step-by-step, virtual blueprint for putting this secret to work so you can gain an upper hand in the markets.

Phase II Is About Realizing Your Financial Potential
“Awesome, eye-opening and mind-boggling!” — Susan R.
“Altered my entire investment outlook.” — Craig L.
“Changed the way I was investing my money.” — Dr. Ralph K.
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Aftershock Awakening Phase III
Conference Calls: The Aftershock Awakening Hotline

Aftershock Awakening Phase III As you know, the markets can change at a moment's notice.

You need to be able to adjust to any moves the Fed makes or Washington, D.C., makes. An event in Europe or China could cause a ripple effect that reaches your portfolio.

This means you have to roll with the punches, adapt, adjust, and capitalize on the twists and turns.

You are going to turn negatives into positives.

So to help you stay up to speed on new investment opportunities and any economic issues that are making their presence felt, I am going to record a monthly conference call on the Aftershock Hotline and deliver it straight to your inbox.

Phase III Is About Inspiration
“We have taken most of your advice and our finances are better able to handle the next crisis.” — Ethan R.
“It has made a big difference, for which we thank you.” — Stephen & Carol C.
“Thank you for the contribution you made to the quality of my financial life, and I feel much calmer about what the future holds for me as a result.” — Eleanor D.
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Aftershock Awakening Phase IV
Report: The Secrets of the Aftershock Lifestyle

You've been overtaxed . . . your money has lost its purchasing power at the grocery store and gas pump . . . and your debt may have grown, while your home lost value.

You need a plan that will help you turn the tables on this epidemic. And that's exactly what you'll find with Aftershock Awakening Phase IV .

This report reveals how embracing the Aftershock Lifestyle could add more than $210,000 to your retirement nest egg.

Below are just a few of the tips you'll soon have access to.

  • Aftershock Awakening Phase IV "12 Social Security Boosting Secrets" including a
    little-known loophole that could allow you to pocket
    an extra $6,000 a year.
  • "The Ultimate 401k and Pension Enhancer" which for
    some people could grow their retirement checks
    by $18,000 annually.
  • A "Healthcare Optimizer" that could allow some to save
    $50,000 without avoiding the doctor and without
    skimping out on your medicine.
  • A 5-step "Debt Eradication Blueprint" designed to
    knock $64,000 off your credit cards, home loans,
     and any other obligations that are holding you back.
  • The "Tax Buster Loophole Uncle Sam Doesn't Want You to
    Know About" because it could eliminate as much as $29,511
    from your IRS tab.

This is just a snapshot of what's now at your fingertips.

But let's be clear . . . the Aftershock Lifestyle is not about hiding money under your mattress or pinching pennies.

Instead, it will allow you to travel the world, spend more time with your family, enjoy new financial freedoms, and experience the finer things in life without breaking the bank. Soon you'll see ways to:

  • Save 77% on first class travel.
  • Enjoy free golf at 3,000 courses.
  • Choose from 2,000 free vacation destinations to visit.
  • Discover the top 10 Aftershock retirement spots.
  • And so much more . . .
Phase IV Is About Freedom
“I’ve gone from $21,000 in credit card debt to $9,000.” — Rachel F.
“We have eliminated all debt.” — Don and Rhonda E.
“I have no personal or business debt. I own my home, cars, and properties and have great freedom and comfort knowing I don't have any hammers hanging over my head.” — Cameron S.
“We are out of debt. We own our house and cars. We assist others.” — Colleen S.
“I own my home and car free and clear, I have approximately $80,000 in cash that I can lay my hands on now, and I am debt free, and I will continue to be debt free the rest of my life.” — Barry V.
“We have managed to earn enough to cover our living expenses times two.” — Denham S.
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Aftershock Awakening Phase V
Online Consultations: The Aftershock Meetings

Every month you'll join me online in a webcast.

You'll be interacting face-to-face about investments, personal finances, and anything else to discuss. No stone will be left unturned.

Together, we will come up with the solutions that will get you closer to experiencing your own Aftershock Awakening.

Phase V Is About Connecting
“We can recover from almost anything life throws our way.” — Harold K.
“Nothing less than a God-send.” — Bob P.
“Got me to stop stalling and to start the process of getting my financial house in order.” — Bob B.
“Changed the way I look at my finances, my business strategies, and personal relationships.” — Mark T.
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The Aftershock Awakening Roadmap Special Bonus
A Free Subscription to The High Income Factor

The High Income FactorAggressive investment income is critical for building sustainable wealth before, during, and in the days following the Aftershock's arrival.

And that's why your Aftershock Awakening Roadmap includes a free, three-month subscription to The High Income Factor.

This monthly publication reveals the cream of the crop "Primetime High-Yield Investments" that will give you the cash flow necessary to fortify and grow your net worth.

You'll also receive access to The High Income Factor's, members-only website, which that contains an exciting collection of investment videos and profit-packed bonus reports.

And if you like it, we will renew your subscription automatically at the low annual rate of only $97.95 per year (more details below).

The High Income Factor Is About Focus
“We are a blue-collar family with not a lot financially . . . Now we can see our way to build for the long term.” — Matt T.
“I wish I knew about you sooner. Good companies and good dividends. This is the way to go.” — Hubert Z.
“Finally a newsletter giving valuable information to regular people.” — Jackie B.
“I can sleep at night with these investments.” — Richard H.
“Not only compelling, but triggered action on my part. Strong work!” — Clay S.
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The Key That Will Unlock Your Aftershock Awakening
The Aftershock Investor Report

My team and I travel the country to speak with average Americans. Our books, lectures, and appearances have guided millions.

And with the Aftershock Awakening Roadmap, we are now on your team too.

he Aftershock Investor NewsletterThis package will lead you to the door, behind which lies your Aftershock Awakening.

And now comes the key that will unlock that
door . . .

Our brand new publication, The Aftershock Investor Report.

This newsletter will be the guide you follow every day . . . every month, and every year.

Because in the days of the Aftershock, you will need to be on the hunt for new and unconventional ways to capitalize on the markets.

Many of the old rules will no longer apply.

This is why The Aftershock Investor Report does not focus on any single type of market opportunity.

We don't live our lives as niches, or as sectors, or as stats to be grouped together. So why would we invest this way?

With The Aftershock Investor Report you will never feel restrained to any single belief system for the markets.

Because in each monthly edition, I will reveal my top investment opportunity. It could be in precious metals, dividend stocks, currencies, ETFs . . .

Your One-Year Subscription to The Aftershock Investor Report Includes:

• 12 monthly editions of this
   one-of-a-kind publication.
• 12 powerful and lucrative
   investment opportunities each
   stamped with the "Aftershock-Safe"
   Seal of Approval.
• Weekly market commentary
   delivered instantly to your inbox.
• Unlimited membership privileges
   in the Aftershock Investor website.
• Private access to The Aftershock
   Investor Research Report Library.

It could be in anything.

The goal of this publication is simple — to help you prepare for and
profit from the coming days ahead.

So besides the investment guidance, I will also provide exclusive
articles and intelligence on the current happenings in our economy
and government.

You'll see these areas through my eyes. So you can understand the
real "lay of the land."

And I will also continue to hunt down and reveal exciting opportunities
for you to enjoy the Aftershock Lifestyle. Sometimes that will mean
discussing a new strategy for enhancing your savings, strengthening
your personal finances, and making your dollar go further.

Other times I will share innovative ways you can experience a taste of luxury without breaking the bank at the finest restaurants, vacation destinations, and shopping locations.

There has never been a publication so comprehensive . . . that covers all the bases.

A one-year subscription to The Aftershock Investor Report has a retail price of $149. But today you can receive it for only $47.

The Aftershock Investor Report Is About the Awakening.
“Our citizens need to be awakened . . . your efforts are contributing
to that awakening.” — Dean S.
“An awakening for my investments.” — Michael X. H.
“Your writing awakened me.” — Thomas L. S.
“The alarm that awakened me!” — Richard B.
“I really want to say this is a wake-up call to reality.” — Joseph. W.
“A wake-up call for me.” — Bill C.
“Thanks for the wake-up call.” — Jay S.
“Thanks for waking me up!” — Jim J.
“Woke me up.” — Paul L.
“WOKE ME UP!” — Richard B.
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Your Entire Aftershock Awakening
Package Includes . . .

  • The Aftershock Investor book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (a $30 value — FREE)
  • Phase I: The Aftershock Awakening Investment Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (a $49 value — FREE)
  • Phase II: The Aftershock Awakening Video Blueprint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (a $79 value — FREE)
  • Phase III: The Aftershock Awakening Hotline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (a $29 value — FREE)
  • Phase IV: The Aftershock Awakening Lifestyle Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (a $49 value — FREE)
  • Phase V: The Aftershock Awakening Online Meetings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (a $79 value — FREE)
  • Special Bonus: 3-Month Subscription to The High Income Factor . . . . . . (a $24 value — FREE)
  • A One-Year Subscription to The Aftershock Investor Report . . . . . . . . . . . (a $149 value — $47)

That's a $488 Value
For Only $47!

Now Take the Next 90 Days to See If This Is
Right for You . . . 100% Risk Free!

For the next three months, you can take your time to review the Aftershock Awakening Roadmap, as well as the next three issues of The Aftershock Investor Report.

You can listen in on the monthly conference calls . . . speak with me at the online meetings . . . and access everything the Aftershock Investor members' website has to offer. Newsmax will even send you breaking financial news alerts from at no cost!

If at any time during the next three months, for any reason whatsoever, you decide this is not right for you, simply call, email, write, or fax us.

You will be refunded every penny of your $47 subscription cost.

And you can keep your copy of my book The Aftershock Investor, as well as the Aftershock Awakening Roadmap reports, plus the three issues of The Aftershock Investor Report and The High Income Factor newsletters, as our thanks.

It's now time to take that first step towards experiencing your own "Aftershock Awakening."

Aftershock Awakening

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales tax included where applicable. Your subscriptions come with convenient automatic renewal. This means no chance of interrupted service. Prior to the end of your subscription period, you will be notified that your subscription is ending. Unless you cancel, your subscriptions will renew automatically and your credit/debit card on file will be charged for another year (12 issues) of The Aftershock Investor Report at the low renewal rate then in effect and The High Income Factor for $109 (or $97.95 for digital) for the first year (12 issues) and then the low renewal rate then in effect for future renewals. If you want to cancel, just respond to the notice within 30 days, and you will not be charged. You may also cancel by contacting our Customer Service Center at 1-800-485-4350, or completing our online Customer Service Form. Please remember there is no risk, because you can cancel within the next six months from when your subscription payment is received for a full refund of the unused portion of your subscription.

Please Choose Your
Aftershock Awakening Roadmap Package

BonusUpgrade, save, and receive EVEN MORE value for your hard-earned dollars! The premium package includes everything in the standard package, as well as . . .
  • An upgraded, two-year subscription to The Aftershock Investor Report (a $194 value)
  • Exclusive Report #1: Conquer the Commodities Boom (a $19 value)
  • Exclusive Report #2: The New Golden Age of Dividends (a $19 value)
  • Exclusive Report #3: Three Little-Known Income Strategies to Triple Your Return (a $19 value)
  • Newsmax's 100% refund guarantee.
The Standard Package includes the book Aftershock Investor, Aftershock Awakening Phases 1-5, a one year subscription to The Aftershock Investor Report, and the special bonus three-month subscription to The High Income Factor . . . all backed by our 100% full refund guarantee.


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